Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pancakes with RF syrup

I´ve been researching about a honey-like fluid over the past 2 weeks, and this is what I got, finally. Getting high levels of viscosity can be a tricky task due to complex calculations with extremely huge values in parametres like viscosity, density, sticky, etc., then the computing proccess usually becomes unestable or even may crash. However after many tests, and a long tweaking procces I could achieve this kind of fluid similar to honey (a little bit more liquid, maybe). Hope you like it, and don´t forget to post your own personal critics and comments. Thank you in advance.

Pictures from the work in progress (clic to enlarge):

Testing the shaders in a close-up

Trying a SSS configuration for the milkshake (that I finally didn´t use)


Tasaki said...

hi, Victor,

I'm Toudou+ from Japan. Thank you for leaving your message on my blog( Your pancake movie is very good. How many time did it take to render? Have you used some render farm?
Your bloodflush movie is impressed, too!

Víctor Sánchez said...

Hi Toudou! Thank you very much, for your kind words. The rendering of the 1st part (rendered with Maxwell), took about 8 days to render. I used a min. time of 40 minutes per frame. I just used my CoreQuad 9450 @ 2.66 GHz. Congratulations for your blog, unfortunately I don´t speak japanese, but the videos you post are really cool!. Thanks for your comment! ,-)

Torrey Meeks said...

Great syrup experiment. I've been experimenting with GI modeling lately and have been interested to see how fluids work in such a setting. Thanks for the render advice and tips.

Víctor Sánchez said...

Thanx for your comment/suscription Torrey. This mounth was really hard travelling all around the world (I only could stay 3 days at home), so I hope to post a new tip in a few days (maybe about wetmaps).