Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Realflow Bloodflush!

This is one of my first Realflow attempts. It took over 50 hours to process the fluid simulation, mesh building, wetmaps, etc on my QuadCore 9450 2.66 GHz. Rendering process at 640x480 took me about 100 hours too. I tried to make something beyond a 'single fluid simulation', so I took the reference inspiration in Stanley Kubrick´s film The Shining, and just tried to recreate a rare atmosphere, with a 'slow-motion effect' on it.

Adding wetmaps -with the blood painting the walls- was very fun and I think it produces a more realistic effect in the whole scene. The dragon model is the result of research of the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory and the song I used is 'Root Beer' (American Beauty Soundtrack), by Thomas Newman. You can watch the video on YouTube and Vimeo as well (recommended).

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