Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bullet in slow motion (Realflow egg)

I made this video specially focused on the depth of field with fluids. As I needed a liquid that slowly comes to the camera POV, I immediately took the references of the slow-motion filmations (usually with scientific pursposes) when a bullet is crossing an objet (apples, bottles, cups of milk...), so finally I took the main reference from here. Although the Realflow mesh it´s improvable (specially within the area of the egg white, and its particular fillaments), and the shaders too (yolk shader without SSS, plain color on the shell, etc...) I´m quite happy with the final result.

The egg shards explotion is simulated using the Maya Dynamics. Realflow for the fluids, and Maxwell Render for the final render. I used Adobe AfterEffects for the final composition (Color correction, Time remaping, etc.).

UPDATE: This video has been selected for NextLimit for the Maxwell 2.0 Reel THANK YOU, GUYS! Link here (at the very end of the video):

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